Judith A. Verduzco, LCSW, MPA

Membership Committee Chair
GLA Board of Directors
A New Leaf Emotional Wellness

Judith Verduzco is a bilingual mental health practitioner and co-founder of A New Leaf Emotional Wellness, a virtual mental health therapy clinic. Judith is also the co-founder of Palomas Ink, LLC, a consulting firm promoting social justice and mental health through the art of writing and other creative therapeutic arts modalities. Judith has spent the majority of her professional career in the non-profit sector serving various leadership roles in the field of biomedical training and development and in-service to children, youth, adults, and their respective families in and through community-based mental health. Judith is currently in the process of publishing her very first children’s book that includes themes of diversity, mental health, and the transformative power of social connections. Judith is passionate about helping others through their healing journeys and serving her community by engaging in various philanthropic organizations, such as Oakmont League, Glendale Latino Association, and Rotary International (Mental Health Club). Judith’s current research interests include public health policy, neurobiology, and the treatment of trauma, depressive, and anxiety-related disorders. In her spare time, Judith enjoys nature, hiking, traveling, good food/wine, reading, listening to podcasts, and binge-watching her favorite shows. Above all, Judith loves spending time with her husband, family, friends, and two dogs, Pinot and Geo.

Clinician, educator, author, entrepreneur, and advocate for social justice and mental health.